Strategic Business Consulting

Solutions that power your business

consultoria estratégica e de negócios

Every business needs a people strategy. We can support and guide you to develop people-centered strategies to improve business results.

Strategic Business Consulting will work with your organization to improve performance and achieve desired outcomes

The main services we provide
are the following:

Due Diligence (DD)

It is a common procedure for any type of investment or negotiation, as in an M&A process or any other transaction that includes risks and involves the care that an entity must take before entering into an agreement. With DD, the parties are informed about the essential aspects of the business.

Company Valuation

We use the best practices to determine the value of a company. Our reports are independent, clear and credible and usually include market analyses through international databases.

Business Plans

From the start-up phase or for investment or restructuring purposes.

Business solutions

Technical support on various topics, namely accounting, consolidation of accounts, funding programmes and human resources.

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