Participação na Conferência Internacional da LEX AFRICA – Angola

From April 28 to 30, 2023, I was delighted to represent IPG in the LEX Africa Annual General Meeting that took place in Luanda, Angola.

LEX Africa is a legal Alliance of leading African law firms for the propose of advising local and international clients on their trade, business, investment and other activities in Africa.

IPG and LEX Africa have signed, in the past, a memorandum of understanding in order to further develop and strengthen their relationship. Since then, the two professional associations are increasing co-operation for mutual benefit enabling members to work together on international client matters, share information of interest to members and their clients and attend each other’s conferences.

It was a great experience to attend the conference and to share ideas with so many enthusiastic professionals than have not only a local but a worldwide vision of the business opportunities and want also to co-operate with IPG members in other geographies.

It’s hard to transmit the energy that those talent young lawyers put on their day-to-day work and the will of working together to assist and advice clients in Africa.

During the conference at the Intercontinental Luanda Miramar an internationally branded 5-star hotel, I have attend very interesting presentations and useful discussions: i) The impact of reforming financial regulatory measures on investment incentives, currency stability and economic development; ii) The importance of stringent environmental, social and governance requirements – why ESG underpins sustainability for Africa’s investment prospects; iii) Doing Business in Oil & Gas in Africa; iv) Effective dispute resolution practice and the benefit to foreign direct investment. The moderation or the key speakers involves always members of the LEX Africa in order to allow an inside and outside approach. Discussion and debate are the key word. I really liked and felt involved.

Angola, with its natural wealth, oil and diamonds, attracts thousands of business travelers and expatriates every year and its economy is among the fastest-growing in the world – but economic growth is highly uneven.

It was also a privilege to listening a panel of high-level business influencers and members of very important institutions and companies with a worldwide outlook and how thing can be changed in the future.

The format of the conference is very similar with the IPG’s, so I could also have the opportunity to socialize and enjoying informal chats with the members in a very relaxed Luanda. Please have a look in photos.

Many thanks to IPG Bord of Directors for the confidence to represented our network and for Elke for all the support given during my short stay in Angola. It was an honor and a privilege to me.

I truly recommend and encourage to boost the relationship between IPG and LEX Africa members for mutual benefits.

Hope to see you all soon.

Pedro Bastos

Oliveira Rego & Associados, SROC, Lda

Lisbon – Portugal

150 150 Oliveira Rego & Associados
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